Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First look: Nintendo Account

Thanks for registering, merimo-chan!
The big gamer news today? Nintendo Account is live! (In Japan.) Nintendo Account is designed to replace Club Nintendo, the company’s long-running loyalty program. A new reward system will be put into place where you can earn points through various methods and exchange them for digital and physical goodies, and data will be backed up via cloud storage for transmission between consoles, computers, and smartphones. Nintendo's new next-gen console in the works, currently named the Nintendo NX (note that its name could change...remember when the Wii was known as the Revolution?), is rumored to offer play both at home and on-the-go, and considering Nintendo's upcoming entry into the smartphone gaming market with Miitomo, cloud storage coupled with inter-device play only makes sense.

Nintendo has been a part of my life since third grade, when I got my first gaming console: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, I've enjoyed countless hours of platformers, racing games, fighting games, and RPGs on various Nintendo consoles. When I was in Japan this past winter, I bought a New Nintendo 3DS before it was out in the States. Today, I signed up for Nintendo Account with my existing Japanese Nintendo Network ID connected to my New 3DS and took a look at the new site. Since I registered before February 1, I’ll get 100 yen back on every 1000 yen I spend in the eShop–a nice little perk–and I’m looking forward to seeing what my personalized deals will be. 

Nintendo Account will no doubt be coming soon to North America, but until then, here’s a peek at what the main account page looks like!
My Nintendo Account...um, account